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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1; Website Design; Best Practices for Artists

    • Welcome to the Course!

    • Introduction to Websites for Artists

    • How to Select Website Platform

    • Things You Need Before you Start

    • Pages to Include on your Website

    • Search Engine Optimization and Art

    • Demo; Using Keyword Search on

    • Website Complete; What now_

    • Website Design Workbook- Downloadable

    • Website Design Resources- downloadable

    • Quiz; Website Design Principles for Artists

  • 2

    Chapter 2; Optimizing E-commerce for Artist's Website

    • Welcome to building for E-Commerce

    • Optimizing e-commerce for Artists- Intro

    • What makes a Brand Identity?

    • Values and Brand Identity for the Artist

    • Brand Guide; The Story for the Art Buyer

    • Content Strategy for Artists

    • How to write a great Art Blog to be Found on Google

    • Email Marketing for Artists

    • MailChimp tutorial; How to set up a Template for Emailing

    • Optimizing E=Commerce Workbook- downloadable

    • Resources for Optimizing E-Commerce- downloadable

    • Quiz; Optimization for E-commerce

  • 3

    Chapter 3; Growing Social Media Organically

    • Welcome- Organic Social Media

    • Organic Social; Sales Funnel & Positioning Statement

    • Ways to Grow; Goals of social media

    • 10 Tips to get More Attention on Instagram

    • Strategies to build following & email list

    • FB posting and benefits of Fb Groups

    • FB Live Process

    • Optimizing your Profile on Instagram

    • Instagram Creator & Instagram Business Account

    • Instagram Hashtag Approach

    • Growth strategies on Instagram

    • Instagram and Captions

    • How to Create Great Captions for Instagram

    • Tagging photos on Instagram

    • How to Use Search on Instagram

    • Group's Social Boosting to help your growth

    • Instagram Live

    • Demo- Going Live on Instagram

    • Types of Content to Post

    • Organic Growth on Linked In

    • Repost App Demonstration

    • Demo on how to Tag A Photo on Instagram

    • Adobe spark Video App Demo

    • Organic Social Media Content Calendar- downloadable

    • Social Media FB Live Instructions with Webcam

    • Social Growth Media Workbook

    • Quiz; Growing your Social Media Organically

  • 4

    Chapter 4; Strategy for Paid FB/IG Ads for Artists

    • Welcome to FB & Ig Ads Strategy

    • Paid FB/IG Ads Basics- Strategy for Artists- Intro

    • "Warm Audience" FB Ad Strategy

    • Creating Warm Audience From FB page on Ads Manager

    • Fb Ad Cold Audience Demo on Ads Manager- Targeting Process

    • Persona Targeting for FB Ads

    • Ad Strategy for different Events

    • FB Business Page set up & Strategy

    • FB Business Manager Set Up

    • Page Post Demo FB Ad

    • Pixel Installation

    • Video Views Objective on FB/IG Ads Builds Audiences

    • Video Viewing Audience Building Demo on Fb/IG Ads Platform

    • Cold Audience; Campaign Objectives = Format of Ad

    • Demo of Video View Ad- Cold Audience

    • Warm Audience = Email List Building

    • Fb Ad Demo- Creating Ad with Warm Audience to get Email

    • Bottom of Funnel- Conversion Ads to Get Sale

    • FB Engagement Test Campaign and Strategy

    • Overview of fb/ig Engagement Test Campaign

    • Audience to Exclude; Engagement Test Campaign

    • Setting up Metric Columns

    • Metrics for Engagement Ads Campaign

    • Conclusion; Art of FB Ads

    • FB/IG Paid Ads Workbook- downloadable

    • Resources for FB/IG Ads Strategy

    • Quiz; Facebook and Instagram Ad Strategy

  • 5

    Chapter 5; Strategies for Paid Ads

    • Art Goals and Marketing

    • FB ad demo for Art Goals and Marketing

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Course Client

John W

"Before I worked through this course I really had no direction. This course gave me actionable pieces that I could integrate into my marketing. The best part is that I started to sell online. Totally changed my approach!"

Enlightened Artist

Zoey Z

"Marjolyn was instrumental in getting my Facebook business account sorted and set up correctly. She clearly guided me through the steps needed for getting proper Facebook ads together, with both images and videos. She helped me avoid some major technical pitfalls with Facebook that would have been extremely frustrating without her advice and support.

Course Client

Paul B

"Comprehensive, detailed and fast paced. An informative, worthwhile investment to start your own presence online! Truly a remarkable plan that gave me the guidance of where to start and where to go as far as my digital marketing of my art"

"I thought I knew it all"

Rodney C

I managed my own business for 18 years. The website was developed by a professional designer. I enjoyed maintaining the site with input from the designer. I thought I knew it all. Until I sat in a webinar with Marjolyn. The subject was on website design and its importance. I had my website redesigned the following day!!