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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Strategy for Paid FB/IG Ads for Artists

    • #1- Introduction to Paid FB/IG Ads Basics

    • #2- FB Business Page set up & Strategy

    • #3-FB Business Manager Set Up

    • #4-Pixel Installation

    • #5- Types of audiences to build

    • #6; Creating audiences from Followers

    • #7- Warm Audience; Who are They?

    • #8; Fb Ad Demo- Creating Ad with Warm Audience

    • #9; Making a FB ad from a FB Page Post

    • #10-Cold Audience; Campaign Objectives = Format of Ad

    • #11; Video Views Objective on FB/IG Ads Builds Audiences

    • #12; Video Viewing Audience Building Demo on Fb/IG Ads Platform

    • #13; Demo of Video View Ad- Cold Audience

    • #14; Fb Ad Cold Audience Demo on Ads Manager- Targeting Process

    • #15; Persona Targeting for FB Ads

    • #16; Bottom of Funnel- Conversion Ads to Get Sale

    • #17; FB Engagement Test Campaign and Strategy

    • #18; Overview of fb/ig Engagement Test Campaign

    • #19; Audience to Exclude; Engagement Test Campaign

    • #20; Setting up Metric Columns

    • #21; Metrics for Engagement Ads Campaign

    • #22; FB ad demo-audience building + testing an ad

    • #23; Ad Strategy for different Events

    • #24; Conclusion; Art of FB Ads

    • #25; Resources for FB/IG Ads Strategy

    • #26; FB/IG Paid Ads Workbook- downloadable

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A way for artists to learn how to build your email list through Facebook and Instagram Ads.


Course Client


"I have always been confused in how to start with my paid ad strategy. This course helped me learn the best way to approach this tool"

Enlightened Artist

Zoey Z

"Marjolyn was instrumental in getting my Facebook business account sorted and set up correctly. She clearly guided me through the steps needed for getting proper Facebook ads together, with both images and videos. She helped me avoid some major technical pitfalls with Facebook that would have been extremely frustrating without her advice and support.

Course Client

Paul B

"Comprehensive, detailed and fast paced. An informative, worthwhile investment to start your own presence online! Truly a remarkable plan that gave me the guidance of where to start and where to go as far as my digital marketing of my art"

"Such a savings in time"


"Being able to approach FB and Instagram ads with confidence has saved me a great deal of investment in time and money. Truly a great way to learn the best strategies and using this paid ad strategy"