Blog Post #1; What is Digital Marketing for Artists?

Learning the details helps save you time!

You have your website up and running. Congratulations! That is the big first step. Now it is time to announce to the world that you are open for business. The goal? How to get your art noticed.

How do you do this? This seems to be the question so many are asking. Finding your collector is always the challenge. However, bit by bit your collector will find you. 

It needs consistent work and belief that your art is necessary. If you believe this, then your collector will find you. 

Begin by defining who your client is. What is the age, gender, stage in life? What do they do for hobbies? Do they have a second home? Do they cottage or have a lake house? Little pieces of information that can be used in your branding and your targeting of your social media. 

Once you have this piece, then the plan for attack can be formulated in your social media platforms, and you can begin to attract collectors to your store. 

Blog Post #2; What is a Perfect Day?

Setting Goals in one of the way.

What is your perfect day? A day where everything lands just right. Have you gone through the process? From the beginning till the end looking close to the things and actions that make it perfect. Your breakfast, your work, your day to enjoy the outdoors, the perfect dinner. All the things that take you into the world of the perfect.

Is this all there is- making of the perfect day? Are there not pieces in this perfection that speak to trying to achieve goals?

What about your goals? The things that make this perfect day work so well are the things you work towards

The radical goals; like making the world a little bit more meaningful, or making the world a better place to live in, helping others so the world is less bleak and blocked. This last piece seems to be the trend lately. The marching in the streets,  the call to action for change.

The last few months have made many to take pause. To reset and look a bit more closely at their life, goals, the  way time is spent and what their perfect day looks like. There is just so much energy in a day- so learning where to put this energy to achieve the goals is the first place to start. As we stopped, there is an assessment of what is important.  In other words, now is the time to think in the silence and feel what is right, feels good, and helps others.

To work towards a goal is to add to the perfect day.

To find this perfection- this place where we are fulfilled, challenged and working towards a goal of a place of idealism is always about the first step. The first step to change. As this step is taken, then the vision starts to become clearer.

Perhaps this is where things get tricky. What about the "universe" and its power to help you achieve this perfection. I am a believer in serendipity. The blending of the different people and events combine to make goals happen. When you take the first step, a goal is about to be achieved. As a result, perfection begins its journey.

Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho has a theory about why this is the case: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

How have you pushed towards this better place?

In my small world of making art I have looked closer at the message of my art. The way the story invites the viewer to reflect upon their own life and how it firstly inspires and secondly empowers them. Two ways that keep you moving forward to finding your perfection.

 However your goals can be taking the direction of marketing your art. Taking it out to the world and amplifying your voice. Learning the steps to do this is the goal. 

Everyday take a small step. This is the beginning of a perfect day.

Blog #3- Branding and its Importance

Put your best face forward.

You need a story. 

Without a story you have no positioning. Once this position is solidified in your mind, then you can pick up on keywords and phrases which you can pivot onto to create posts on Instagram, FB and your blogging. The more you use your keywords, the clearer you will be about your message. The process of art marketing means to keep getting your art out there. 

The story drives your marketing.
Marketing your art through the stories you tell and the benefits it drives. What are the benefits? It could relate to your goal and fixation about your art. For example- memory is kept alive by looking at my art. It presents to the viewer the concept that  their pain is the loss. The loss of their memories, the remembering of their life from the past. Your client needs to be reminded about how your work alleviates the "pain" they are in. How to promote yourself as an artist begins by telling your story and having it relatable to your client. 

Constantly Nourish your Client
Connect to your client, or potential clients, in a nurturing way. Bringing videos, blogs about your work or your view about life, or images that reflect your positioning reminds your client about their need for your art when you are actually going to sell it. When you are in the midst of selling your art- that is the time to make the selling more apparent.

 To do artist promotion is done by gradually nurturing your client. Take your time to marketing artwork. When the selling time comes that's when you promote. 

Learning how to promote yourself as an artist is a long game. It means patience. 

 Be In front of your Client as a Person

People connect with people. Be authentic in your communication. Share about yourself in a way that pivots about your art. 

Decide on your Strategy when posting.

Strategy is the direction you take towards the objectives you want to accomplish. Tactics are the actions you take to support the strategy. Use social media as a means to build engagement which can be used in FB ads. Use it as a tactic to bring clients closer to your work and approach. 

Learning how to promoted your art online means to deliver and show up on a variety of platforms; email, social media and art fairs. 

Blog #4; Steps to take to Digitally Market your art

Where do you begin to digitally market your art?

How do you start your website to work? Or what is the point of doing social media if you don't get more followers or likes on your posting?

Really what is the point?

There is just so much an artist can do when making and creating art. How to get your art noticed is a long process. The first step is getting an online art site. This is the first step to marketing visual art. Promoting art online is providing availability and accessibility. 

Then there is the hope that others will see the art and want it in their homes. 

It's a place many are at.

The solution?

Begin at the beginning. Take it step by step and before you know it you will have the website optimized, your social media will be engaged, your email list will be building and you have people who know who you are.

The key is to take on the small projects and slowly build. 

Create a list of the most important pieces in building your website. Attack those. Then think how to get your message out. Begin a consistent way of pushing your art out there. 

Step by Step it goes. Every step gets you closer to creating a system where you will make the art, then push it out there and build a following who wants to buy. 

The overwhelming process of climbing the mountain of getting art online is a step by step process. A digital art marketing course, such as the one offered here, outlines the best way to build the your empire. 

Blog #5; 12 Tips to Creating a Great Art Website

Where do you start when learning how to get your art noticed? The beginning of building a good website is the first step in art marketing. How to promote your art online takes a bit. Here are a few marketing tips for artists in as far as a website. 

1; Transactional Website; Have a site that can sell art online. It gives an easy way to look and buy art. I use as my platform and it is brilliant. 

2: Simple Home Page; Keep your home page as simple as possible. Minimal is the word. Marketing visual art is about keeping it easy and direct.

3; Images Above the Fold; When your client is on your site they should see your images first and foremost. Before they scroll. 

4: Layout directs eye to Buy; The client looks first at top left then moves right. The top right side should be where you have your Buy Art button. To buy art online it should be a guided easy way.

5; Email pop up; Have an email lead capture pop up on your site. Email is golden as you can nurture your clients. Two thirds of artist promotion is about this. Nurture and show who you are to you clients. 

6; Great Pictures; Make certain that your pictures are reflective of your beautiful art. To buy art online, means showing art that in all of their dimensions. That means the front, side and reverse. Show the art situated in an interior. Create the visual for your client. 

7; Insure links work; This may sound evident but too often websites are not updated and links don't work to buy the art. Art marketing is all about being able to deliver. So the links are critical to this. 

8; About page; How to promote yourself as an artist begins with promoting art and promoting your story. This happens in your About page which should be conversational and easy to read. 

9; Branding statement; Create an easy 2-3 sentences that are your positioning statement. Learning how to market your art begins with the elevator speech. A short statement is where this begins. 

10; Contact Evident; Make it easy to connect with you. Don't have your client search. Learning how to promote yourself as an artist begins with you being easily found. 

11; Product Descriptions are varied; Insure that your descriptions of your art has some emotion or story to them. Referencing process is important but not the priority. Marketing visual art begins with the story. Your descriptions are part of this. 

12; Blog; Content strategy is an important way to get your keywords out there. The organic search of your website is part of the art marketing strategy. 


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