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Try a Complementary shortened version of the 4 hour crash course. These few lessons give you an insight into how the course will be on a longer basis. When you subscribe you will also get the "5 steps to success to art online!" The first baby steps to being successful selling art online.

If you feel besieged by worry and doubt about how to sell to find your collector... how you can talk about your art in a way to make people buy it...

You're Not Alone

Selling art can be a serious commitment, one that takes time and determination. It can be overwhelming and daunting.

It's natural to feel anxious and worried...but with some guidance from the Course,  and a calm voice at the other end of the phone, there is help.

Your Art needs to get out There!

Honour your talent and learn the tools that will take your art to your client. 

You have the ability to do this.

You need a Plan. You need a Guide.

What happens when you learn the digital marketing tools you need?

  • Your art finds your buyers!
  • You reduce the risk of not selling at a show because you follow up with your clients.
  • You have more time to make art instead of traveling to shows.
  • You are happier and less worried because the collectors are there and waiting.

Help Awaits You!

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Are you frustrated with no sales? With no shows and little opportunities to sell your art, now is the time to use other tools. The question becomes how? Where do you begin to build awareness of your art and bring collectors to your website. This course is the beginning. Once you enrol there is a one on one consulting with me about where you are at in your branding, your digital presence and how to start Facebook Ads. So you are not Alone!

"Tremendous Amount of Work!"

Sheila T

"There is so much information packed into this 4 hours of courses! Full of ideas and resources that I can use to put into my art business. The path is much clearer to me. Digital marketing has become less of a mystery to me. Thank You!"

"It changed my entire approach!"

Susan B.- Artist

"Before this course I just didn't have the strategy to progress. After spending a few hours and learning this process, I was much more efficient in my marketing. I have built my email list and have a clearer view of my client"

"FB Ads was my Kryptonite"

John S.

"Marjolyn's fb ad strategy is a great way to build my audience. Learning her process has made using this platform less intimidating and more of a tool. I was able to build on my email list and be more constructive in finding my client"