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Website Design;

Where do you begin? You have to find a website that you can update yourself, have tech support if you need it and be able to market it easily.

I use the Art Storefronts platform for my e-commerce because it is the best platform I have found that gives support and guidance on so many levels; tech support, guidance in marketing, inspiring new ways to generate leads and a community on their fb group. 

Art Storefronts platform also provides a way to partner with a Print Production partner that can produce, and ship prints to clients as they order them online. This expanded my market as it introduced a print client that I did not have previously. 

Art Storefronts Website Platform


Other Platforms that can work for artists and are quite popular are;

Squarespace- e-commerce version



Woo Commerce

Shopify Platform has initiated a website development program for artists. 

Website Comparison by Cory Huff, an artist coach has done surveyed artists. Just remember that this can change as it is a bit dated.

Search Engine Tools for Maximizing Google search for your site;

Moz Seo Tool

MOZ Tool Bar

Don't know how to write a great Meta Description for your Website?

Here is a great resource;

Artists Network Resource page- This organization, on which I am a Board member, is actively training and providing information on the success of artists. Here is a page looking at different resources for websites, and marketplaces to sell art. Please note that a 'marketplace" like Etsy, Saatchi, Singulart, does NOT give you the ability to build your email lists so you can directly market to your client.


Are you making images of your art in a client's home? Maybe you don't have a perfect home. There are great apps that help you do this. These images can be used on your site and gives visualization to your potential collector. 

Here are some Apps to use to put art in rooms for website;



Are you collecting emails on your website? You should be! Here are Email Platforms that can be integrated with your website; Convert Kit, MailChimp, Constant Contact

Do you have a pay gateway that gives the client a way to pay? It's best to have Paypal and another pay gateway. Pay Gateways;





When creating your website be sure to use well lit, colour corrected images. It is critical to give different versions of the work. In situ, from the side, reverse, framed are all parts of this. The client should know what your work looks like and have no surprises. 

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